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8 Key Questions to Ask Your Oakville Pool Installer Before Having Your Pool Built

A pool is a fun addition to your home that can improve your property value and overall enjoyment. However, there are some risks involved due to the cost and time it takes. The frequency of pool builder scams has increased in the past few years, and you don’t want to get caught off guard. 

Ideally, the best pool installer will have experience, certifications, and references. Getting a new pool should be simple and stress-free for the homeowner. 

Here are some of the questions you should ask your Oakville pool installer before hiring them. 

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

One of the first questions to ask a pool installer is how much experience they have. It’s good to establish this to get a good idea of whether they’re worth the price they’re asking for. 

While experience doesn’t guarantee quality, it does signify some stability. Unless they’re new to the area, you can assume that they get steady work if they’re still in operation after years of business. 

Additionally, experience in your area suggests that they know how to handle certain local issues pools may face, such as water leaks or cracks. 

2. Where is Your Place of Business?

An important way to keep yourself safe from scammers is to establish a pool installer’s place of business.

The worst thing you can do if you want a pool is to hire some guys working out of their truck. Even if they have the supplies and the skills, you can’t trust that they won’t just drive away once they’ve gotten your money.

They may act like they’re installing your pool, but it’s difficult to hold them accountable if they don’t have an official business or location. 

A pool installation company should have strong ties to your local community. They may or may not have a showroom, but they should have a long-term lease in a commercial building. You can also usually find example images on their website

3. Do You Have Any References?

As with any other service, you’ll want to get some references and testimonials on the pool installer. It’s not enough to look at online reviews, as those can easily be bought and faked. Instead, ask the Oakville pool installer for the contact information of some people they’ve done work for in the past. 

If they’re a local company, then many of their references should be local and easy to contact. Ask previous customers about their experience with the installer and what to expect. You can also run a background check on them to see if anything suspicious pops up. 

4. Are You a Member of the APSP and the BBB?

The APSP is the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. The BBB is the Better Business Bureau. 

Both of these organizations hold pool installers accountable for their business. It’s generally considered a good sign if they’re a member of both of these organizations. 

The APSP develops and publishes standards for the pool, spa, and hot tub industries. They demand ethical business practices from their members, and members in turn get an APSP certificate. 

The BBB provides information on businesses and charities. You can see any complaints about your pool installer if they’re a member, which shows that they’re open and honest about their work. 

5. Will You Use Subcontractors?

There are a lot of different components that go into a pool installation. It’s not just digging a hole in the ground and filling it with water. In some cases, pool installers will hire subcontractors to handle the water and electrical systems. 

If they do subcontract any work, you should find that out before hiring them. It could be that you’ve had a prior negative experience with a particular individual or company. You may be able to make recommendations about other subcontractors you’re more comfortable with. 

6. Can I Get a Breakdown of the Costs?

Installing a pool is expensive, so most contractors will let you set up a payment plan. This may include paying installments after every phase of the installation, depending on how long it takes.

Try to get a copy of the plan on paper. Even better, see if they can include an itemized breakdown of all the various parts going into the pool. This includes the cost of labour, pool parts, and other services. 

Don’t let them slip in any additional costs or charges if things take too long. They should always make it an option and revise the payment plan accordingly if you agree to anything. 

7. How Long Does the Pool Installation Process Take?

The new pool construction can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days. However, that timeline can be heavily altered by things like weather delays, the company’s priorities, and the type of work you want. 

For example, a simple pool installation may take as little as six weeks. Longer jobs can take twice that or more. That may not include the time it takes to plan out the pool and work out other details, though. 

8. Is Maintenance Training Included?

If you’ve never owned a pool before, then there’s a good chance you have no idea how to care for it. Pool maintenance includes checking the water level, checking the filter, monitoring the chemical levels, and cleaning the deck. Some of these tasks are daily, while others are weekly. 

Ask the pool builder if they can provide some kind of training before your pool is installed. This will help save you from requiring repair services or extensive cleaning later on. 

Call an Oakville Pool Installer Today

Building a swimming pool is simply something most people shouldn’t DIY themselves. Too much can go wrong and end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Once you ask the right questions, you should be able to find a reliable Oakville pool installer. 

Prestige Outdoor Living has over 20 years of experience in landscaping. We can install the perfect pool for your family and friends to relax and spend time together. Contact us to learn more and explore your options. 

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