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Get Your Dream Oakville Swimming Pool: A Guide for Homeowners 

For many homeowners, adding a pool is on the list of dream projects that they’d love to be able to complete. There’s nothing like being able to gather around the water on a hot summer day. And it’s even better when it’s right in the backyard. 

Adding a pool to your yard is a super exciting time but can also be stressful when you’re trying to make sure you’re going to love it for years to come. There are a surprising number of decisions that go into making the perfect pool. You want your Oakville swimming pool to match your vision and be the highlight of your home. 

After working on outdoor spaces for more than twenty years, we have the best tips for creating a backyard pool. Follow this guide to help you get started! 

Utilize a Professional Design Team

First things first, in order to get the best backyard pool possible it’s crucial to work with a professional design team. There’s just no matching the experience you’ll have when you have experts on your side versus trying to manage it all on your own. 

A pool sounds like a simple project that should be fairly straightforward. When in fact, there is a lot of detail work involved in order to get just the look you’re going for. 

The best thing you can do for your Oakville swimming pools is to bring on a team who can walk you through the entire process from start to finish. 

Consider Preferred Pool Use

Once you’ve secured your design team, it’s time to start painting the picture for them of how you envision using this pool. This step cannot be skipped or you’ll quickly become dissatisfied with the end result. 

Think about your loved ones and how they like to enjoy the water. It could be used more for relaxing and tanning. Or maybe you love to swim some laps every day. You should consider the ages of those most likely to be using the pool and how the design might grow with them. 

All of this information should factor into the final design, so don’t leave anything out when talking to your designer. 

Look for Inspiration 

Now it’s time to gather inspiration so you can really hone in on the look and design you’re going for during pool installation. This is another step that may sound like it can be skipped but gathering inspiration is one of the core elements of good design. 

As you look through photos of backyards with pools, try to pinpoint what you like about each photo you save. Generally, you’ll start to notice a theme in the things you’re drawn to whether that be the shape, materials, or colors used. This will give you and your design team a great place to start from. 

Create a Whole Mood 

As you’re pulling together your design choices and things start to come to life, it’s important to remember that a backyard pool is about more than the actual pool itself. 

You’re really creating a whole mood for your home and outdoor space. It’s helpful to have a word or emotion you’re trying to create to balance your decisions against. A relaxing, tranquil pool will look a lot different than a place for large parties would.

So keep in mind the feelings you’re going for as you develop your final plan. 

Think About the Water Color

A lot of the time, one of the first decisions you make for your pool will be the color of the lining or main material. This is mainly so that the pool installer can get to work as soon as possible. 

This is one of the bigger decisions because it also will have a huge impact on the color of your water as well. 

If you have a very strong opinion of what color the water should be, make sure to discuss those options with your design team. It’s not always straightforward and you may need to go with a different base color than you might have expected. 

Incorporate the Surrounding Landscaping 

A backyard pool left all on its own can sometimes leave you wanting more. It seems like more of an afterthought instead of the main showpiece of the backyard without any additional landscaping

Consider ways you can add additional landscaping design details to the yard to make the pool feel more special and unique. 

That could come in the form of a customized deck for sitting by the water. Or it could be creating a luscious garden oasis surrounding the pool. Whatever the case may be, it’s a good idea to bring everything together for a more cohesive feeling. 

Remember the Fun Additions 

No guide for creating the ultimate backyard pool would be complete without mentioning the need to remember the fun additions you can bring to the design. 

Even if you don’t want a large slide or diving board (though those are very fun as well), you can still add some surprise elements that bring out the good times. Mood lighting is a great way to make your pool feel extra festive during a night swim party. Or a water feature can bring in another tranquil element with the sound of running water. 

Thinking outside of the box can really take your backyard pool to the next level. 

Creating a Dream Oakville Swimming Pool

When you have the right team in place, creating your dream Oakville swimming pool is a breeze. You will work hand-in-hand with the designer to come up with a solid plan that will meet all of your functional and aesthetic wishes. 

Not only will they be able to bring your vision to life, but they also have the knowledge and expertise to make sure it’s even more than you imagined. They will steer you in the right direction and give you solid ideas and advice throughout every step of the process. And  you’ll be enjoying your backyard in no time! 

Our team is ready to help you create a beautiful oasis in your backyard! Contact us today to get started! 

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