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Swimming Pool Installs in Milton: What to Expect During the Installation Process

Swimming in Canada has become more popular than ever with homebuyers taking to the trend and loving having swimming pool installs in Milton. Why not? It’s the perfect way to add luxe living to your home while enjoying the hot weather.

We’re here to show you what’s involved in a swimming pool installation with Prestige Living, your go-to for your pool installers in the area. That way, you can enjoy living the life while enjoying a swim in one of our lavish pools.

Keep reading to learn more about the installation and process, the top-of-the-range features we use, and how we make your backyard look amazing.

What’s Involved in a Swimming Pool Installation?

Installing a new pool involves using the following that we provide only the best of to ensure our customers are always thrilled:

  • Lavish materials
  • Fun-filled features
  • Skilled and secure building

First, we build on discovery. When you work with us, you’re working with a team that knows exactly what you need for the space of your living place. We don’t come pre-planned to tell you exactly what way your installation will go. We listen attentively and build according to your desires to make your backyard living one that’s perfect for you and your family.

Next, we design. Every yard is unique, and we appreciate that. So, we use this time to plan a blueprint that’s right for your retirement to your pool to unwind and take some much-needed free time away from the grind.

Finally, we construct your pool installation. With more than 20 years of providing first-class installations, you know we’re the ones to trust. We call our work “craftmanship” and we’re proud of it – we deliver quality when building your backyard pool!

During construction, our experts are at hand throughout the entire process from beginning to end so that your family’s safety is guaranteed. We keep the place clean, neat, and tidy at the end of every working day. We use fencing and pylons to ensure the area’s secured.

In addition, we provide excellent advice on the features and materials that we think will fit it best.

Let’s take a look at them.

Fun-Filled Practical Features

For us, we realize that your outdoor living place is all about having the most fulfilling time with your loved ones and friends. Perhaps you’re all about fun with the kids or your spouse, either way, we set the mood for you.

Here are the classic features that we provide when installing a swimming pool:

  • Pools and spas, including swim spas
  • Lounge and seating areas
  • Patios and decking
  • Waterfalls
  • Pool fountains
  • Infinity edges

These are perfect for whatever pool you choose whether it’s a swimming pool, a custom-made pool, or even a hot tub or hybrid. What better way is there to relax?

Strong and Attractive Materials

Once more, we hand over the end product to you. That means you get the choice of the materials you choose for your pool and the area surrounding it to make outdoor living freeing and resting as you like, and a place of entertainment.

We build in and around your swimming pool in Milton with the following sturdy materials with aesthetics that you’ll adore.

Armour Stone

Armour stone is part of the installation process, should you choose this natural and protective application for your yard. They’re boulders made of sturdy natural rock.

It helps ensure wear and tear of the surrounding areas and sides of the pool are prevented against.


Wood is used for the flooring around your swimming pool, decking, and verandas.

Ours act to form a sanctuary that’s attractive, appealing, and pleasing to walk into and view. The structure provides the perfect space for your deck chairs, barbeques, or fire pits. So, if you want to whether you want to chill after your swim, enjoy some delicious food, or sit around the fire, you’ve got it sorted with our wooden flooring.  


Paver can replace wood, whether you want to choose them instead or are looking for a change. Both look awesome in and around your pool, so you can choose whichever’s best for you and what fits in well with your home.

Pavers are also:

  • Durable
  • Improve the value of your property
  • Used as walkways into your garden or to your pool

Constructing them is done efficiently by our professional and trustworthy team of top-class installers.


A flagstone is a unique option. It can be used instead of armour stone or natural stone, which we’ll discuss in just a minute. It might be a different material; however, it does the same job – protects your backyard living space!

The main difference is that flagstone helps keep wetness from water from overflowing keeping your swimming pool in check. It keeps the space neighbouring it dry and free from moisture, leaving it dry. Especially with the warm weather in Milton, it becomes a great choice of material in and around your pool.

Natural Stone

The natural stone we use for construction is:

  • Adaptable to different areas and surroundings
  • Tough standing
  • Well-fitting for any poolside escape

At Prestige Living, you really can’t go wrong with our vast range of materials! 

Get Your Top-End Swimming Pool Installs in Milton Right Here

Swimming pool installations can come with really cool features and classy materials when you choose the right company. Our amazing features include pools, swim spas, patios, waterfalls, and fountains. For materials, we use only the best in the business from attractive and durable stone to pavers and wooden fittings.

Want a swimming pool installed? Then Look no further! Now you know why we’re the right choice for your swimming pool installs in Milton.

With years of experience, we’re here for you. Explore your options and contact us today. When you have your pool installed with us, you’ll never look back – we’re prestigious, just like our name suggests!

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