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The Best Milton Pools: Top Building and Designing Tips to Keep In Mind

There are just under 60 outdoor public swimming pools in Toronto—catering to a population of almost 3 million.

While public pools are an essential and much-welcomed service, they have downsides. They charge entry fees, and the popular pools can be crowded.

Many Torontonians prefer the privacy and convenience a backyard pool offers. That’s why, for homeowners looking to work with a Milton pool installer, a pool in your own backyard is the perfect choice for summer fun.

But if you’re making such a substantial investment, you must get the design right first. Read on for everything you need to know to get the pool your household needs.

Put Together a Wish List of Features

In most cases, people have been dreaming of adding a pool to their backyard for years.

This means you likely have in mind exactly what kind of pool and landscaping you want. But if you’re going to achieve your dreams, you need to commit those ideas to paper—digital or real.

Make a list of all the features you want in your pool: from pool materials and shape to the plants and lighting. Something like a Pinterest board can help you sort ideas you find on the internet. There are also online platforms that allow you to sketch out your design in 3D.

Once you have your wish list and any other designs, put them together and get ready for the first appointment with your Milton pool installer!

Make the Most of Your Space

In almost every case, how big of a pool you have or what shape it is is limited by the size of your backyard. This is especially true with new builds since larger homes are now constructed on smaller lots.

Owners of a Milton backyard pool need to be prepared to accept creative ideas when it comes to every aspect of their pool. This will help you to maximize your limited space and get the most out of your investment.

Some tips include ensuring the pool doesn’t cut off a large portion of your yard from the rest of it, building against the property boundary, and considering whether you need access to the pool from every side.

Research Local By-Laws and Regulations

Every municipality in Canada has different rules regarding pool construction and safety. For example, did you know that since 2007, the City of Toronto has required all residential pools to be fully fenced with lockable gates?

You must do your research and become familiar with the legal nuances, or you might end up with a work-stop order halfway through construction.

This is why working with a contractor experienced in Milton backyard landscaping is vital. They’re already intimately familiar with all the regulations you must follow and the permits you must acquire to build your pool.

Consider Pool Accessibility and Safety

Do you have family members or close friends with accessibility issues? Then, you can do things to ensure your Milton swimming pool is accessibility friendly.

These include making sure the pool has stairs, ramps, and railings to help ability-challenged swimmers get in and out of the pool and non-slip flooring materials in and around the pool.

Pool safety must also be planned for at the construction stage, especially for households with small children or pets. Some things to consider include:

  • Lockable pool toy storage
  • Positioning the pool where it can be seen from inside the house
  • Adequate fencing
  • Child-proof locks on gates
  • Storage for pool tools and chemicals (also lockable)
  • Security alarms on backyard-facing windows
  • Pool alarms (they let you know when something enters the water)

Know What Your Budget Limitations Are

Backyard pools are definitely not cheap. But if you consider the fun and health-benefiting exercise they provide, most people would say they’re well worth the investment.

There’s also evidence to suggest that pools increase home value—sometimes by as much as seven percent!

When planning your pool, work out the limits of your budget. What is the uppermost amount you’re willing to spend on a pool, including accounting for inevitable fluctuations in the construction timeline, material prices, and labour costs?

Then, make this budget clear to your pool builder before starting the planning process with them.

Learn About In-Ground Pool Types

There is a wide variety of pool types available, including:

  • Inground and above-ground pools
  • Chlorinated and saltwater pools
  • Natural pools (where water filtration is achieved by water plants)
  • Spas and hot tubs

Within these types are countless variations in materials, design, and features—think waterfalls, slides, lighting, built-in bars, and so much more.

Do your research to familiarize yourself with what’s available in your area since most contractors specialize in only some types of pools.

Think Carefully About Landscaping

Swimming pools rarely sit alone in a backyard.

Typically, they’re integrated into existing house designs using landscaping features. This might include decking, patio paving, gardens, water features (like rock formations or waterfalls), outdoor entertaining areas (kitchens, BBQs, fire pits), lighting, and privacy barriers.

Think carefully about what features you’d like to enhance the pool experience. Then, work with a company specializing in pool building and landscaping to achieve your desired ambiance.

Get Planning With a Milton Pool Installer

Owners of Milton pools know that the more you plan every aspect of your swimming pool’s design, the more satisfied you’ll be once it’s built. This includes considering everything from your local by-laws to what kinds of plants you want to edge the pool with. 

Then, once you have all the design and building tasks out of the way, it’s time to start planning your first pool party!

Prestige Outdoor Living is a Milton pool installer with twenty years of experience constructing beautifully landscaped in-ground pools for clients in Milton, Oakville, and the greater Toronto area. We know what clients in Toronto want to achieve with their backyards. We can also help you negotiate tricky areas like local building consents.

Schedule a meeting with our professional pool and spa builders today.

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