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What to Consider When Designing a Swimming Pool

Designing a swimming pool that seamlessly integrates with your outdoor living space requires careful consideration and planning. At Prestige Outdoor Living in Oakville, Ontario, we bring our beautiful design aesthetic and full landscape abilities to give you a pool that reflects your style and integrates your outdoor area’s functionality. 

Swimming pools are luxurious additions to a property, places of relaxation, entertainment, and fitness. Here are the key factors to consider when designing a swimming pool to be a lasting and beautiful component of your backyard.

Prestige Outdoor Living is a pool and landscape design and installation company serving the Oakville, Burlington, and Milton areas for over 20 years. 

Get inspired; see our gallery of pool and spa designs and installations.

Designing a swimming pool should include purpose and functionality:

Before diving into the design process, it is essential to determine the purpose and functionality of your swimming pool

  • Are you looking for a family-friendly pool for recreational activities, a lap pool for exercise, or a relaxing oasis? 
  • Identifying the primary purpose of your pool will help establish its design and unique features.

Pool size, depth, and shape:

The size and shape of your pool should complement the available space and your personal preferences. 

  • Consider the layout of your outdoor area, the size of your property, and any existing structures or landscaping elements that need to be incorporated. 
  • Prestige Outdoor Living can work with you to determine the ideal size and shape that maximizes your pool’s potential and seamlessly integrates with your surroundings.

Pool style and aesthetics:

Your swimming pool should be an extension of your personal style and blend harmoniously with your overall outdoor design. 

  • Consider your preferences; contemporary, Mediterranean, tropical, or minimalist look.
  • Our team at Prestige Outdoor Living can help you choose the right materials, finishes, and landscaping elements to achieve the desired aesthetic. 
  • We specialize in creating bespoke designs that reflect your unique vision.

Water features and lighting:

Water features add visual interest, soothing sounds, and dynamic movement to your pool.

  • Consider incorporating waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, or spillover spas to enhance the ambiance and create a captivating focal point. 
  • Additionally, strategic lighting choices can transform your pool area into an enchanting oasis, extending its usability into the evening hours.

Pool deck and surroundings:

The pool deck and surrounding areas enhance your swimming pool’s visual appeal and functionality. 

  • Choose slip-resistant, durable materials that complement the overall design theme.
  • Whether you prefer natural stone, concrete, pavers, or composite decking, our experts can guide you toward the best options for your decking needs and preferences.

Safety should be part of designing a swimming pool:

Ensuring the safety of your pool is paramount, especially if you have children or pets.

  • Incorporate safety features like fencing, self-latching gates, and pool covers into your design. 
  • At Prestige Outdoor Living, we prioritize safety and can advise you on the best practices and regulations to create a secure swimming environment.

Maintenance and energy efficiency:

Designing a pool that is easy to maintain and energy-efficient will save you time, effort, and money in the long run. 

  • Consider features such as automatic cleaning systems, energy-efficient pumps and heaters, and smart remote monitoring and control technology. 
  • Our team can help you select the most sustainable and efficient options to minimize environmental impact and maximize your pool’s enjoyment.

Designing a swimming pool is an exciting endeavour that requires careful planning and consideration. 

Working with Prestige Outdoor Living in Oakville, Ontario, you can transform your outdoor space into a stunning retreat combining aesthetics, functionality, and safety. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating and installing custom-designed swimming pools that meet your unique vision and exceed your expectations. 

Contact us today to start designing the pool of your dreams. Your oasis awaits!

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