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Brilliant and beautiful landscaping trends

From landscape lighting to water features, here’s what’s on trend in modern garden design

Outdoor lighting: don’t let your stunning
garden design hide in the shadows!

Outdoor lighting is the final polish to your landscape design. As evening descends, well-placed outdoor lights create thrilling scenes – it can add drama to a mature shade tree or illuminate your patio for a pool party that just keeps going.

Outdoor lighting can add security too, brightening your front door, back door, and any dark corners of your property.

Whether you want soft, romantic lighting to illuminate herbaceous borders or bright lights for cooking in your outdoor kitchen, there are endless outdoor lighting options. And we can help you choose the lights that are perfectly suited to your landscape design.

Automate outdoor lighting and pool maintenance with a smart home system

Automate your outdoor lighting and pool maintenance systems and simplify your pool maintenance.

Smart home systems can control your pool’s filtration system, lighting, and water level. You can even install automated safeguards to prevent pool accidents or injuries – a vital feature for families with young children.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can control and service your pool from anywhere in the world, including maintenance requirements like:


Pool pump


Salt chlorinator and pH balance


Water filtration


Robotic cleaners


Water leak sensors


Motion-activated pool alarms


LED lights and incandescent lights






Water features


Music and entertainment

Get cooking with an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas are great for entertaining and extending your home’s living space.

But to create a functioning outdoor kitchen, you’ll need adequate lighting and power supplies. Each of our outdoor kitchen designs are completely custom built, so you can choose the BBQ or grill, wine fridge, sink, drawers, and cabinets you need to be a 5-star al fresco chef.

We can add electrical outlets for small appliances, too. So you’ll never need to leave the patio to enjoy that poolside margarita.

Calm the senses with a water feature

An evening in your backyard is made tranquil with a water feature. They provide a focal point to your landscape design and add to sensory enjoyment with the relaxing sound of moving water. Waterfalls are charming for kids, and can be designed in a way that’s safe as well as attractive.

Whether your water feature is crafted with sleek modern walls, natural stone, or armour stone, illuminating your water feature with outdoor lighting enhances the feature. As darkness falls, a soft light playing over the water’s movement is both serene and stirring.

Softness meets strength with custom wooden
furniture and structures

Wood is an attractive yet solid material, so it’s perfect for building sound structures that also look soft and inviting. Our expert woodworkers can advise you on the right wood – be it pressure treated, cedar, or composite – for your deck, cabana, or gazebo.




Privacy screens







Illuminate your landscape, simplify your pool maintenance, and start entertaining in style!

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