Our deliberate, thoughtful landscape
design process

Your project’s success starts with detailed, purposeful communication

We’re the landscaping company that listens

We know that a detailed process ensures project success. It helps us scope and budget projects accurately. It helps us calculate materials, set deadlines, and choose your team. It is our roadmap to your beautiful outdoor space.

Two decades in the business have taught us to listen closely to our clients so that every detail is accounted for and nothing is forgotten. You can expect regular communication with our team at every stage of your project, from office staff to onsite personnel

Next, we’ll walk your property, taking into account sunlight, elevation changes, and drainage. We’ll work with our design team (who will also visit your site) to create a design that addresses the practicalities of your property and caters to your style and function.

We’ll discuss this design in detail with you, even offering a 3D rendering of the plan if needed. With your design in place, we’ll help you choose materials and finishes, and we’ll provide a date to begin construction.

The construction phase completes with a walkthrough of your project to ensure you are satisfied with your beautiful outdoor space.

1. Discovery

Each project begins with a discovery phase in which we listen closely to your ideas for your yard. We don’t arrive at the conversation with a prepackaged plan – we begin the conversation with questions about your property and your family’s needs.


2. Design

Discovery informs design. Each plan we draft is bespoke to our clients, because each individual property is a unique opportunity to create a relaxing backyard retreat. Our design team are skilled professionals who can imagine the possibilities and translate that to beautiful design.

3. Construction

With skills honed over 20 years of experience, our backyard creations are more accurately classified as “craftsmanship”. We are experts in every inch of your luxe outdoor space, from quality hard landscaping to stylish planting schemes.


Discover the possibilities for
your outdoor space